about us


This is a place driven by passions! 

The passion for sport, for design, for technology and for art leads us to commit ourselves a lot in a dynamism that energetically alternates work and sport. Our work is also our passion, and sharing our creations with you makes everything even more magical!
We are a small company but we do our best to do great things!

It is important to always have a happy thought that refers us to what we are most passionate about.


Hi! We are Giuseppe and Antonella.

Our laboratory was born in Bologna in 2018 to give space to the desire to create and share our ideas. Both of technical extraction and with a lot of interest in design, we let ourselves be fascinated by the potential of 3D printing and we create a real “digital craftsmanship” laboratory in which brushes and sandpaper, electronics and software are mixed together with the only goal to give shape to new ideas!

The passion for sport was a catalyst that led us, about a year later, to imagine and then create the first Space Motivators, which were immediately very successful and became a real line of products to collect.

Motivated by your growing enthusiasm, we decided to make it a real business activity and fate wanted this to happen while a particularly difficult period for everyone was beginning!

But, paradoxically, the pandemic has given us one more reason to believe it, not to give up against the infinite difficulties and to be able to realize a dream that we had for some time in the drawer!

our promise

attention to detail

Each motivator is a faithful reproduction of the athletic gesture it symbolizes.

eco freindly

For 3D printing we use biodegradable plastics with low environmental impact.

handicraft production

Our products are made in Italy, finished and hand painted with precious brush enamels.


Perfect balance without any pedestals.


Unique and original, they reflect your strength and tenacity.


Always in sight, let yourself be reminded of your goal


You can choose the colors and configure some products, to feel your motivator even more yours.

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