The definitive gift for sports lovers

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gift idea for sport lovers

Space motivators® are elegant hand-finished 3D printed figurines made in Italy, all to be collected! They are the perfect gift for someone who plays sports, whether it is your coach, friend, boyfriend or girlfriend it will be an original and super appreciated gift.

Motivation for calisthenics, crossfit, powerlifting, climbing and other sports

Choose the color, configure the barbell, and get ready for your next goal!
Space motivators are harmonious, balanced and carefully detailed to faithfully reproduce your favorite athletic gestures, express your identity and remind you of your goals.

The space motivator: a cool gift

Originality, elegance and 3D printing make our statuettes a gift that stands out from all others. Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, a graduation, an anniversary or the opening of a gym, giving a space motivator will leave a mark!

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Perfect balance without any pedestals.


Unique and original, they reflect your strength and tenacity.


Always in sight, be reminded of your goal.

attention to detail

Each motivator is a faithful reproduction of the athletic gesture it symbolizes.

respect for the environment

Made in 3D printing with biodegradable plastics with low environmental impact.

handicraft production

Handcrafted, made in Italy, finished and hand painted with precious brush enamels.


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